I'm very interesting
hey there!

I've been making comics my whole life, but officially I've been making comics since 2011, when I self-published my first comic, Dave's Wurld. Since then, I've worked on five other comic series, some of which were featured on sites like Deviant Art, Tapastic, and front paged on Imgur a couple times.

I've also done a ton of commission work, some of which is highlighted on this portfolio, amongst other things I was a regularly commissioned artist on Fiverr and did over 150 drawings (including concepts, renders, designs) and maintained a 5 star rating.

I've done themes for various Twitch and Youtube channels, logo designs, character concept drawings, full black and white and color comics, and one time I drew a pot leaf strumming on a guitar for Canfest.

It's my favorite gig ever:


I'm pretty great.

This looks fantastic! Thank You so much, Exactly what I was looking for.

Cy Williams
High! Canada